OH! The Places You’ll Go!

Life.  What a trip! (originally written in April 2018)33902756_2096036390616879_8529919549389144064_n

I was all prepared to take the next step in my business to provide secondary income to my massage practice, ‘Body Blessings Massage & Aromatherapy’, which I have owned and operated for several years, and put my entire heart and soul into the last two years.  I believe holistic and alternative healing modalities should be considered just as important as the traditional Western medicine.  In fact, I believe in this so strongly that I have been donating free monthly massage to participants of both the Wyakin Foundation – www.wyakin.org as well as the Idaho Veterans Wellness Center, a ‘baby’ non-profit in Boise, for the past three years.

I have poured almost every single second of my time into either advertising my practice, building my practice, working with my clients, tending to the books, or keeping the studio clean and supplies stocked.  After being sick seven times this last Winter season, I realied that I would need to cut back to 2-3 days and offer something else, which in my case was my ‘bath-erapy’ line that I conceived many years ago while living in Northern California.  I had developed the name, created the labels and had them approved, researched the costs for insurance and getting trademarks created, and was ready to file the paperwork to create a ‘B’-corp, and then – out of the blue – I was pulled unwittingly into a fair housing issue where I have been living the past 19 months, and ended up having to go to court and moving.  Not expected, certainly not desired, and now, once again having to rebuild my life by finding a decent place to live, as well as answering the age old question I am asked when something occurs that threatens my housing – ‘Were you taking your meds?'”

Yes, I have a mental health diagnosis – P.T.S.D. – since 1994, and possibly Bi-Polar III.  I have been taking medication since that time, and after the most taxing time in my life, when I lost custody of my beloved son and was systematically cut out of his life and had fought so hard that I lost myself in the process – my housing, my direction in life, as from the moment I first felt life inside of me, my main concern was being a great Mom, since my own mother had taken her life when I was just eight years old.  I made a conscious decision at the age of 23 to get into counseling to understand the dynamics of my family and a that time, I thought if you went to counseling, that guaranteed your life would be ‘normal’ – married to one person, raising a family, attending church – living the ‘good’ life, preferably in Boise, Idaho, my hometown.

I ended up on Social Security Disability some years ago, and if I had it all to do over and knew how going through the Social Security process would be a completely humiliating and long, drawn out process where I would have to lose everything first – I would have done my best to find another alternative.  At the time, I did not know how to recognize my anxiety and to deal with it, I only knew that I pushed myself like crazy to make all ends meet – holding down a full time job, working a part time job, raising my child alone – I would end up ‘hitting the wall’, and I thought that I was ‘flawed’ because I would become overwhelmed with all of life’s responsibilities.  When my P.T.S.D. gets activated, which manifests in me by unstoppable heavy crying, and my anxiety climbing to the point that my train of thought turns into an ocean full of fish swimming every which way – I  cannot stay focused – and then I would experience periods of depression. – I have come to understand that the Mental Health system is NOT designed to help you gain mental health.  It is a system to medicate those who face trauma and climbing out of it is a hard, hard job.

I wrote a book titled ‘Borderline – Swan Song of an Unfinished Life’ about my ‘dance’ with the Mental Health System of the State of California last year and thought I would be marketing it at the recent ‘Ride for 22’ and ‘Indigo Art Festival’, two events that deal with the subjects of Veteran Suicide and Mental Health Awareness.  I had been planning and preparing for both these events since the beginning of 2018 when I first heard about them.  It all seemed like perfect and divine timing!

It isn’t that I want to spend every second of my life discussing mental health and suicide, but the fact that these two awesome events came up and that I could have a presence to hopefully help others understand the mental health system from an insider’s point of view, including a section that offers ways to actually help those who are in panic or having anxiety attacks or suicidal, but these two events were back to back, and it seemed like a golden opportunity.

In fact, I am starting to wonder if it is at all truly possible, as now I am back in a position where I will have to rent a room from a stranger to live in, and since I had to close my practice to deal with this unexpected and unwanted life circumstance, and NOT willing to go BACK through the system again from homelessness to having my own business and maintaining my own apartment again, I have to stop and wonder just exactly WHAT my beloved State of Idaho is actually going to do to develop a healthy and productive mental health system.

Jesus, Take the Wheel! (August 27, 2018)

I found a very safe and quiet room to rent in the neighborhood I am very familiar with and want to stay in for half of what I was paying, and I found a case manager from a local agency, someone who I can call if I get in a pickle with my anxiety and she is there to help.  That is a huge blessing in my life, as I do my best to handle it all on my own, and not ‘bleed’ into my family relationships.  That can be quite the challenge when my anxiety monkeys start to swing to and fro!

I am taking a ‘time out’ from my massage practice for personal healing, and very thankful for the Borah High classmates of 1977 for stepping up to help me move and cover storage costs until I got back on the ground – what an awesome help that was!  Very thankful for a few others who helped guide me through the anxiety, and for the first time that I have experienced an episode, I was able to sort through and process some very important nuggets for my always expanding tool box – to learn that there are people in my corner who care enough to step up and help, and I believe that some of my family members and close friends understand that there are times when I need a little guidance, a little direction, and I took the time to research some PTSD support groups on Facebook to see what others deal with, sorted through some very good explanations of what it is like when I ‘go there’, and I believe they may now see more clearly that it is not something I can always manage, even while taking medicine.

And manage it I must, for it is my responsibility to do so to the best of my ability.  For my own self care and best chance at personal happiness and success in life, for my family members, and most importantly, for my beloved child who is now 27.

It is not an easy thing to speak of, and now that I am starting to move forward and begin speaking with NAMI, promoting my book, and doing my best to fulfill my promise to God all those years ago that if He brought me through it, I would do my best to help others with the experiences I have endured.  Now that time is here, in my own little hometown in my beloved State of Idaho.

My walk may be filled with perhaps more obstacles and challenges than some, but I have come to believe that my soul must be very important to God, because that ol’ Devil certainly does like to try to lead the dance….but he HASN’T finished the dance yet, and that, my friend, is truly the most successful thing that I have accomplished in my life.  I expect the more I do this work and express what I believe is my Father’s work, the more challenges I will face, but as I enter closer into my 60th year on this Earth, my definition of success is, on some days, just giving thanks that I am still here, and as I always like to say, ‘I am not important to the masses, but the ones I am important to love me massively,’ as I do them.

What challenges will come before me in this life?  I obviously do not know, but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

If you know someone who may be experiencing depression, please – guide them to get help. There are a myriad of ways you can do this depending on your comfort level, from simply just listening without judgement to becoming a volunteer at your local suicide hotline to keeping that number in your cell phone and simply asking that troubled person if you can make that call for them.  Life is challenging and difficult, but well worth the ride!









One Journey…A Thousand Participants

Last day of the #TheseHandsCreate campaign – organic campaign created by Ben Brown – an international #hashtag campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of massage therapy and for the therapists to share our ‘stories’. Most therapists I know have come to the profession from either the fact that they are the empath of the family unit, or they have experienced trauma, or both. Those of us that respect and honor our craft do our best to meet our clients at their place of need, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We all need to keep in balance to win our race with Life – a race that we run only by ourselves. Do your best to take care of yourself on all levels, as we live in very taxing times. Allow creative space for nurturing and sustenance of the soul, restorative time for nature and working out, and of course, do the best in your job that you care capable of, even if you do not like your current position, as all work moves toward the greater good and you may learn lessons in a job that you do not like that end up being blessings in a job that you love.
I look forward to meeting those of you face to face that I have not yet met, and to seeing my clients again soon.
Until then…Take Care of You!

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How I Prepare the Day for My Clients

Keeping a positive mindset for my clients is of utmost importance to me, as 80% of my clients are generally in pain, and pain can color a person’s perception of the world that may not be totally accurate.

Each morning after waking up, I spend time reading and studying the Bible, talking with God, and praying to show up as His hands, heart, ears and mouth, and I strive to bring a bit of joy to each person who allows me to work with them.  I work out to keep my body in condition to deal with the demands of massage therapy.


I believe that bodywork requires a level of trust, and I want my clients to feel comfortable in my presence.  With every new client, I do an intake where I can learn a bit about their body and it’s particular needs.  On the first visit, I do a bit more talking than I generally do, as I guide them through the massage to let them know what to expect.  I do my best to establish ‘sacred’ space for them, a place where they feel comfortable, free of judgement.

I end each massage with a centering prayer, and hope that the short time they are in my presence they feel relaxed, safe and supported during their session.  I then share some self-care tips as it is always my goal to help others take care of themselves.

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What Brought Me to Work with local Veterans

Day #2 of the #TheseHandsCreate organic campaign developed and initiated by Ben Brown, L.M.T. in New York.  TODAY’S CHALLENGE is to share my vision around bodywork and/or my practice.

Before I moved back to my beloved Idaho about five years ago, I had met a Veteran in  Northern California who had just finished his massage therapy certification, and he had shared with me a vision that he and another Veteran he served with were creating.  The goal was to get local holistic practitioners to donate their services to Veterans at no cost so that Veterans had access to alternative modalities in healing.  I knew I would be moving soon, and did not have the time to ‘plug in’ as a volunteer except to share some business skills that I had acquired throughout my career.  I had wanted to start a chapter in the Treasure Valley when I returned, as both my parents, and many of my family members, have served in the military going back to the Spanish-American war.  I was a party of one, they were a young non-profit, and it did not happen.  However, I had been introduced to the Wyakin Foundation through my efforts.

Close to three years ago, while I was working at JMZ Salon and Spa (Zoberski’s), I wanted to create a practice where I started off by donating 10% of my monthly profit to the Wyakin Foundation, a local non-profit that I had chosen to intern at while attending Boise State University in 2014-2015.  I also wanted to start seeing the participants of the program who were interested in monthly massage once a month at no charge.  I have had one Wyakin graduate, Sgt. Greg Bradley, and am currently serving veterans on a monthly basis from both Wyakin and the Idaho Veterans Wellness Center, a fledgling non-profit.

I believe that everyone who walks through my doors benefits from my practice, and today I am featuring a brief video with Sgt. Bradley in it, offering his words on how receiving massage helped him while he was involved with Wyakin.

I do what I do because I see the world that I love changing rapidly, technology isolating us more and more, and it is important to me to put positive, life-affirming energy into anything that I do.  I give back to those who have given the most to this Country’s ideals of freedom as they are truly ‘family’ to me.  I come from a time and space when there was more trust, more ‘neighborliness’, and I would like to continue that energy in whatever livelihood I choose.

This life experience can be a very demanding one, and if I can do just a bit to brighten someone’s day and help alleviate their pain, then I believe I am fulfilling God’s desire for me.

Massage helps with so many maladies; anxiety, depression, sore muscles, pinched nerves, stress reduction and relaxation. In my lifetime, I hope to see it become incorporated as preventative care in the field of Western medicine. 

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The Color of Love…


The month of ‘love’.

Winter is starting to wane, the days are growing longer, and we may even see a bud or two.  New life.  New beginnings.

JMZ Salon and Spa, owned by Mike & Jean Zoberski, has been in the Treasure Valley for many years.  Located at 5905 State Street, the Zoberski’s have always had a hand in bringing quality salon services to the area.

JMZ’s operators are all independent business owners, and most of us are women.  We help you prepare yourself for important events, help you relax and ease the stress of life, and share chit-chat with you while you are here.

I have worked off and on at JMZ Salon & Spa since I moved back home, and last year in March, I decided to move forward with my dream for Body Blessings Massage & Aromatherapy – to offer quality massage therapy at an affordable price – as I believe in the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.  I also wanted to start a practice where I donated my time, talents and treasure to the Wyakin Foundation (www.wyakin.org), and I donate one day a month to participants of the Wyakin Foundation as well as the Idaho Veterans Wellness Center, a local new non-profit that offers Art Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Medical Advocacy and other therapies as well by connecting with many community partners.

It is exciting to be part of the alternative/holistic movement that is growing in my beloved State, and my goal is to continue to serve the Treasure Valley with new services.

One small step is to participate once again in the #TheseHandsCreate campaign created by a therapist in New York by the name of Ben Brown.  You may see this hashtag quite frequently over the new several days starting on January 29th, and it is our hope – all the many therapists here in the U.S.A. and in other Countries, that you will learn and listen to our stories and come to appreciate the fine art of massage therapy.




My Journey to Bodywork

Today begins my journey with a ten day #hashtag campaign titled; #TheseHandsCreate, an organic campaign that was originated by Ben Brown, L.M.T. in New York.

Each day we are to make a post using prompts he shares with us, so that the general public may come to a deeper understanding of what massage therapy and bodywork actually are, and to ‘share our stories’.  Enjoy! 

My first memories of ‘massage therapy’ as when I would visit the Boise Veterans Home with my mother, Helen Louise, who had served in WWII as a PhM3 in the Navy.  I have one distinct memory where she took me there, we visited the ‘War’ heroes, and she had brought food and rubbed a Veteran’s legs.  I was only about four or five at the time.  

Many years later in a different time and space, I was going through a divorce, and working at a Northern California health club.  My manager, who was also my friend, had just completed her certification and needed to ‘practice’.  I became her guinea pig!  

Up to that time, I had thought that massage was only for those who took cruises and lived a lavish lifestyle, as I was brought up by a man and was his constant shadow.  He was a very gentle man, and took me with him everywhere, always holding my hand.  

Once I started seeing the benefits of how massage therapy helped me deal with anxiety and stress, I thought to myself that one day I would like to learn this, as I have always served high stress management, sales and marketing positions, and I felt that bodywork may help me to express a side of me that was not being used.

I then began giving massage to my young son, as it was a time for us to bond.  We were attending a church in Sacramento called ‘Spiritual Life Center’, where I served as a Chaplain and a Youth Ministry coordinator.  I met a woman by the name of Marie Wilson in the chaplaincy program, and she began to teach me about essential oils.

I have learned that I have an innate way to connect the modalities I have learned to help my clients relieve pain, achieve relaxation, and and help soothe their weary and tired spirits.  Bodywork is a way for me to give energy into this world in the way that my family has given to me, and helps me create my Creator’s work in this world.

If you would like to find out more about my work, please visit www.BodyBless4u.life





Is it Truly Time for You to Start Losing Weight? Look into the Five Elements Theory

At this time of year, it is a very popular notion to start losing weight.  It’s our annual New Year’s resolution, right?  Yet, are we setting ourselves up for defeat before we even make a list and go shopping or join our closest gym?

According to the Five Elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we may need to rethink our decision by studying our internal organs.  Although quite complex in nature and quite different from our Western way of thinking, we may want to consider what this ancient culture has to offer.

In TCM, we look at the Earth’s seasons and how each season effects our bodies.  The new growing season starts in Spring, the same time that the Chinese calendar renews itself, which was the standard until religion and politics changed the New Year to arrive on January 1st.  Springtime brings new buds and fresh growing cycles, and the foods that are growing, such as greens, allow us to start cleansing our bodies and loosening our stools.  Naturally, our bodies want to shed the winter weight we have added and get us ready for the warmer months.  This is the time that weight loss truly makes sense, and our livers and gall bladders require energy to support this, so cleansing time is optimal for these two organs.

Our vegetables start their growing cycle in the summertime, and provide us with the vitamins and minerals our bodies require for continued growth.  TCM suggests this is the optimal time to cleanse our hearts and small intestines, with the spleen, lymphatic system and stomach following later in the season.  Cleansing these organs will allow our immune systems to build up for the cold and flu season in the Fall and Winter seasons.

When Fall arrives, we consume this season’s fruits and vegetables, which are more heavy and dense, that will allow us to put on weight and fat for the colder Winter weather.  This is the optimal time to cleanse the colon, lungs and skin.

Once Winter arrives we start our consumption of foods that have more fat in them to help insulate our bodies, and is the season of cleansing our kidneys.

If we cleanse our bodies with our natural food growing cycles, TCM teaches us that our bodies will respond more effectively.  Just a little ‘food for thought‘!

“Has Your Body Been Blessed Today?

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