Is it Truly Time for You to Start Losing Weight? Look into the Five Elements Theory

At this time of year, it is a very popular notion to start losing weight.  It’s our annual New Year’s resolution, right?  Yet, are we setting ourselves up for defeat before we even make a list and go shopping or join our closest gym?

According to the Five Elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we may need to rethink our decision by studying our internal organs.  Although quite complex in nature and quite different from our Western way of thinking, we may want to consider what this ancient culture has to offer.

In TCM, we look at the Earth’s seasons and how each season effects our bodies.  The new growing season starts in Spring, the same time that the Chinese calendar renews itself, which was the standard until religion and politics changed the New Year to arrive on January 1st.  Springtime brings new buds and fresh growing cycles, and the foods that are growing, such as greens, allow us to start cleansing our bodies and loosening our stools.  Naturally, our bodies want to shed the winter weight we have added and get us ready for the warmer months.  This is the time that weight loss truly makes sense, and our livers and gall bladders require energy to support this, so cleansing time is optimal for these two organs.

Our vegetables start their growing cycle in the summertime, and provide us with the vitamins and minerals our bodies require for continued growth.  TCM suggests this is the optimal time to cleanse our hearts and small intestines, with the spleen, lymphatic system and stomach following later in the season.  Cleansing these organs will allow our immune systems to build up for the cold and flu season in the Fall and Winter seasons.

When Fall arrives, we consume this season’s fruits and vegetables, which are more heavy and dense, that will allow us to put on weight and fat for the colder Winter weather.  This is the optimal time to cleanse the colon, lungs and skin.

Once Winter arrives we start our consumption of foods that have more fat in them to help insulate our bodies, and is the season of cleansing our kidneys.

If we cleanse our bodies with our natural food growing cycles, TCM teaches us that our bodies will respond more effectively.  Just a little ‘food for thought‘!

“Has Your Body Been Blessed Today?

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