Change Your Mind, Change the World – Failure is Not an Option!


Now just another point in space and time in the category of ‘past’.

January 1st of 2018 – the birthday of a brand new year full of mystery, adventure and more!  ‘

What a difference a day makes’ is the start of an old popular tune by Dinah Washington, and as I write this post today, I had one idea in my mind yesterday to ‘re-post’ and ‘re-cycle’ a post I had created last year at this time.  However, once I looked back at my sporadic posts that started off with good intentions of blogging weekly or monthly, I allowed myself the opportunity to reflect on my own ‘wins’ of this year, and I decided to start fresh, just like this beautiful, one time only day that we will all experience on this next trip around the Sun.

This will be the 59th time I have started this journey, and I have ridden the roller coaster of life long enough to know that planning and goal setting and forecasting are all very important duties we must attend to if we would like to broaden our business, our horizons, and our minds.  We must keep an open mind to what Life will bring us, and as the old saying goes, ‘prepare for the best, expect the worst’.  But what if we ‘re-fused’ the ‘worst’, and ‘re-cycled’ that word to ‘expect the wonder-filled’!  For there truly is magic and wonderment left in this life existence, but I personally have come to believe that it won’t be front page news, won’t be a headline on tv, and won’t ‘go viral’ – for it is in the quiet moments of reflection and pondering that our imaginations flourish with creativity, we ‘re-examine’ our thoughts, actions and events of the past, and we can sort out what worked, what didn’t, and how we may move forward.

The best Christmas present I received this year, (besides that beautiful maroon faux fur neck wrap!) was the moments I had written down on a sticky note of each day that were the miracle of that day.  I had gotten this idea from a relative about writing down the best thing in each day and keeping it in a container.  I decided to use a Christmas gift bag from a friend as it would remind me of Christmas all year long.  Being of the Christian faith and a follower of Christ, and as a believer in that unseen magic, I thought it would be fun to use that container to hold my ‘blessings’.

I have a habit of opening my Christmas gifts as soon as they arrive, as I haven’t had my son in my home for several years now, and since I stay on Santa’s good list for the entire year (ok, perhaps I sneak off that list from time to time!), I justify opening the presents when they come, so I don’t feel the alone-ness of Christmas morning.

This year, I had a wonderful friend come stay with me, a friend I lovingly refer to as my Unicorn friend.  She is bright, kind, loving, respectful and a Christian friend as well.  We were roommates for a short time, and our friendship developed quite quickly.  It is a wonderful gift to be able to share and discuss your faith with another believer, and adds an extra layer of love into the mix.

On Christmas Eve, when she went to spend time with her family, I sat down to open that last present – the Christmas gift bag with my daily miracles and blessings.  I looked at the bag more closely, and saw that it had actually been from her!  That brought a little tear to my eyes, as I realized the specialness of her visiting with me in my home during Christmas of 2017.  I then read through each little piece of paper, each little post-it note, and I was immediately feeling gratitude for all of the joys in every day life.  It was a sacred moment for me, and after I read them all, I placed them in the paper shredder and decided I would make this a Christmas tradition from this point on.  With the same Christmas gift bag that my friend had given to me.

Yes, it is important to set goals, forecast for the future, plan for prosperity, and follow them through to the best of your personal ability.  Very important, as this is how we move forward in our lives.

It is also equally important to take time to honor the little moments of miraculous moments in daily life.  They are everywhere, all the time, ever present.  Just take note!

May we all have a ‘wonder-filled’ 2018!

p.s.  Listening to music helps the creative process – enjoy the link!


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