How I Prepare the Day for My Clients

Keeping a positive mindset for my clients is of utmost importance to me, as 80% of my clients are generally in pain, and pain can color a person’s perception of the world that may not be totally accurate.

Each morning after waking up, I spend time reading and studying the Bible, talking with God, and praying to show up as His hands, heart, ears and mouth, and I strive to bring a bit of joy to each person who allows me to work with them.  I work out to keep my body in condition to deal with the demands of massage therapy.


I believe that bodywork requires a level of trust, and I want my clients to feel comfortable in my presence.  With every new client, I do an intake where I can learn a bit about their body and it’s particular needs.  On the first visit, I do a bit more talking than I generally do, as I guide them through the massage to let them know what to expect.  I do my best to establish ‘sacred’ space for them, a place where they feel comfortable, free of judgement.

I end each massage with a centering prayer, and hope that the short time they are in my presence they feel relaxed, safe and supported during their session.  I then share some self-care tips as it is always my goal to help others take care of themselves.

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What Brought Me to Work with local Veterans

Day #2 of the #TheseHandsCreate organic campaign developed and initiated by Ben Brown, L.M.T. in New York.  TODAY’S CHALLENGE is to share my vision around bodywork and/or my practice.

Before I moved back to my beloved Idaho about five years ago, I had met a Veteran in  Northern California who had just finished his massage therapy certification, and he had shared with me a vision that he and another Veteran he served with were creating.  The goal was to get local holistic practitioners to donate their services to Veterans at no cost so that Veterans had access to alternative modalities in healing.  I knew I would be moving soon, and did not have the time to ‘plug in’ as a volunteer except to share some business skills that I had acquired throughout my career.  I had wanted to start a chapter in the Treasure Valley when I returned, as both my parents, and many of my family members, have served in the military going back to the Spanish-American war.  I was a party of one, they were a young non-profit, and it did not happen.  However, I had been introduced to the Wyakin Foundation through my efforts.

Close to three years ago, while I was working at JMZ Salon and Spa (Zoberski’s), I wanted to create a practice where I started off by donating 10% of my monthly profit to the Wyakin Foundation, a local non-profit that I had chosen to intern at while attending Boise State University in 2014-2015.  I also wanted to start seeing the participants of the program who were interested in monthly massage once a month at no charge.  I have had one Wyakin graduate, Sgt. Greg Bradley, and am currently serving veterans on a monthly basis from both Wyakin and the Idaho Veterans Wellness Center, a fledgling non-profit.

I believe that everyone who walks through my doors benefits from my practice, and today I am featuring a brief video with Sgt. Bradley in it, offering his words on how receiving massage helped him while he was involved with Wyakin.

I do what I do because I see the world that I love changing rapidly, technology isolating us more and more, and it is important to me to put positive, life-affirming energy into anything that I do.  I give back to those who have given the most to this Country’s ideals of freedom as they are truly ‘family’ to me.  I come from a time and space when there was more trust, more ‘neighborliness’, and I would like to continue that energy in whatever livelihood I choose.

This life experience can be a very demanding one, and if I can do just a bit to brighten someone’s day and help alleviate their pain, then I believe I am fulfilling God’s desire for me.

Massage helps with so many maladies; anxiety, depression, sore muscles, pinched nerves, stress reduction and relaxation. In my lifetime, I hope to see it become incorporated as preventative care in the field of Western medicine. 

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The Color of Love…


The month of ‘love’.

Winter is starting to wane, the days are growing longer, and we may even see a bud or two.  New life.  New beginnings.

JMZ Salon and Spa, owned by Mike & Jean Zoberski, has been in the Treasure Valley for many years.  Located at 5905 State Street, the Zoberski’s have always had a hand in bringing quality salon services to the area.

JMZ’s operators are all independent business owners, and most of us are women.  We help you prepare yourself for important events, help you relax and ease the stress of life, and share chit-chat with you while you are here.

I have worked off and on at JMZ Salon & Spa since I moved back home, and last year in March, I decided to move forward with my dream for Body Blessings Massage & Aromatherapy – to offer quality massage therapy at an affordable price – as I believe in the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.  I also wanted to start a practice where I donated my time, talents and treasure to the Wyakin Foundation (, and I donate one day a month to participants of the Wyakin Foundation as well as the Idaho Veterans Wellness Center, a local new non-profit that offers Art Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Medical Advocacy and other therapies as well by connecting with many community partners.

It is exciting to be part of the alternative/holistic movement that is growing in my beloved State, and my goal is to continue to serve the Treasure Valley with new services.

One small step is to participate once again in the #TheseHandsCreate campaign created by a therapist in New York by the name of Ben Brown.  You may see this hashtag quite frequently over the new several days starting on January 29th, and it is our hope – all the many therapists here in the U.S.A. and in other Countries, that you will learn and listen to our stories and come to appreciate the fine art of massage therapy.




My Journey to Bodywork

Today begins my journey with a ten day #hashtag campaign titled; #TheseHandsCreate, an organic campaign that was originated by Ben Brown, L.M.T. in New York.

Each day we are to make a post using prompts he shares with us, so that the general public may come to a deeper understanding of what massage therapy and bodywork actually are, and to ‘share our stories’.  Enjoy! 

My first memories of ‘massage therapy’ as when I would visit the Boise Veterans Home with my mother, Helen Louise, who had served in WWII as a PhM3 in the Navy.  I have one distinct memory where she took me there, we visited the ‘War’ heroes, and she had brought food and rubbed a Veteran’s legs.  I was only about four or five at the time.  

Many years later in a different time and space, I was going through a divorce, and working at a Northern California health club.  My manager, who was also my friend, had just completed her certification and needed to ‘practice’.  I became her guinea pig!  

Up to that time, I had thought that massage was only for those who took cruises and lived a lavish lifestyle, as I was brought up by a man and was his constant shadow.  He was a very gentle man, and took me with him everywhere, always holding my hand.  

Once I started seeing the benefits of how massage therapy helped me deal with anxiety and stress, I thought to myself that one day I would like to learn this, as I have always served high stress management, sales and marketing positions, and I felt that bodywork may help me to express a side of me that was not being used.

I then began giving massage to my young son, as it was a time for us to bond.  We were attending a church in Sacramento called ‘Spiritual Life Center’, where I served as a Chaplain and a Youth Ministry coordinator.  I met a woman by the name of Marie Wilson in the chaplaincy program, and she began to teach me about essential oils.

I have learned that I have an innate way to connect the modalities I have learned to help my clients relieve pain, achieve relaxation, and and help soothe their weary and tired spirits.  Bodywork is a way for me to give energy into this world in the way that my family has given to me, and helps me create my Creator’s work in this world.

If you would like to find out more about my work, please visit





Is it Truly Time for You to Start Losing Weight? Look into the Five Elements Theory

At this time of year, it is a very popular notion to start losing weight.  It’s our annual New Year’s resolution, right?  Yet, are we setting ourselves up for defeat before we even make a list and go shopping or join our closest gym?

According to the Five Elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we may need to rethink our decision by studying our internal organs.  Although quite complex in nature and quite different from our Western way of thinking, we may want to consider what this ancient culture has to offer.

In TCM, we look at the Earth’s seasons and how each season effects our bodies.  The new growing season starts in Spring, the same time that the Chinese calendar renews itself, which was the standard until religion and politics changed the New Year to arrive on January 1st.  Springtime brings new buds and fresh growing cycles, and the foods that are growing, such as greens, allow us to start cleansing our bodies and loosening our stools.  Naturally, our bodies want to shed the winter weight we have added and get us ready for the warmer months.  This is the time that weight loss truly makes sense, and our livers and gall bladders require energy to support this, so cleansing time is optimal for these two organs.

Our vegetables start their growing cycle in the summertime, and provide us with the vitamins and minerals our bodies require for continued growth.  TCM suggests this is the optimal time to cleanse our hearts and small intestines, with the spleen, lymphatic system and stomach following later in the season.  Cleansing these organs will allow our immune systems to build up for the cold and flu season in the Fall and Winter seasons.

When Fall arrives, we consume this season’s fruits and vegetables, which are more heavy and dense, that will allow us to put on weight and fat for the colder Winter weather.  This is the optimal time to cleanse the colon, lungs and skin.

Once Winter arrives we start our consumption of foods that have more fat in them to help insulate our bodies, and is the season of cleansing our kidneys.

If we cleanse our bodies with our natural food growing cycles, TCM teaches us that our bodies will respond more effectively.  Just a little ‘food for thought‘!

“Has Your Body Been Blessed Today?

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Change Your Mind, Change the World – Failure is Not an Option!


Now just another point in space and time in the category of ‘past’.

January 1st of 2018 – the birthday of a brand new year full of mystery, adventure and more!  ‘

What a difference a day makes’ is the start of an old popular tune by Dinah Washington, and as I write this post today, I had one idea in my mind yesterday to ‘re-post’ and ‘re-cycle’ a post I had created last year at this time.  However, once I looked back at my sporadic posts that started off with good intentions of blogging weekly or monthly, I allowed myself the opportunity to reflect on my own ‘wins’ of this year, and I decided to start fresh, just like this beautiful, one time only day that we will all experience on this next trip around the Sun.

This will be the 59th time I have started this journey, and I have ridden the roller coaster of life long enough to know that planning and goal setting and forecasting are all very important duties we must attend to if we would like to broaden our business, our horizons, and our minds.  We must keep an open mind to what Life will bring us, and as the old saying goes, ‘prepare for the best, expect the worst’.  But what if we ‘re-fused’ the ‘worst’, and ‘re-cycled’ that word to ‘expect the wonder-filled’!  For there truly is magic and wonderment left in this life existence, but I personally have come to believe that it won’t be front page news, won’t be a headline on tv, and won’t ‘go viral’ – for it is in the quiet moments of reflection and pondering that our imaginations flourish with creativity, we ‘re-examine’ our thoughts, actions and events of the past, and we can sort out what worked, what didn’t, and how we may move forward.

The best Christmas present I received this year, (besides that beautiful maroon faux fur neck wrap!) was the moments I had written down on a sticky note of each day that were the miracle of that day.  I had gotten this idea from a relative about writing down the best thing in each day and keeping it in a container.  I decided to use a Christmas gift bag from a friend as it would remind me of Christmas all year long.  Being of the Christian faith and a follower of Christ, and as a believer in that unseen magic, I thought it would be fun to use that container to hold my ‘blessings’.

I have a habit of opening my Christmas gifts as soon as they arrive, as I haven’t had my son in my home for several years now, and since I stay on Santa’s good list for the entire year (ok, perhaps I sneak off that list from time to time!), I justify opening the presents when they come, so I don’t feel the alone-ness of Christmas morning.

This year, I had a wonderful friend come stay with me, a friend I lovingly refer to as my Unicorn friend.  She is bright, kind, loving, respectful and a Christian friend as well.  We were roommates for a short time, and our friendship developed quite quickly.  It is a wonderful gift to be able to share and discuss your faith with another believer, and adds an extra layer of love into the mix.

On Christmas Eve, when she went to spend time with her family, I sat down to open that last present – the Christmas gift bag with my daily miracles and blessings.  I looked at the bag more closely, and saw that it had actually been from her!  That brought a little tear to my eyes, as I realized the specialness of her visiting with me in my home during Christmas of 2017.  I then read through each little piece of paper, each little post-it note, and I was immediately feeling gratitude for all of the joys in every day life.  It was a sacred moment for me, and after I read them all, I placed them in the paper shredder and decided I would make this a Christmas tradition from this point on.  With the same Christmas gift bag that my friend had given to me.

Yes, it is important to set goals, forecast for the future, plan for prosperity, and follow them through to the best of your personal ability.  Very important, as this is how we move forward in our lives.

It is also equally important to take time to honor the little moments of miraculous moments in daily life.  They are everywhere, all the time, ever present.  Just take note!

May we all have a ‘wonder-filled’ 2018!

p.s.  Listening to music helps the creative process – enjoy the link!