What Do Credit Card Processing and Massage Therapy Have in Common? More Than You Would Guess

The Similarities Between Credit Card Processing and Massage Therapy – Are They Two Sides of the Same Coin?

In just a few more months, I will have had my C.M.T./L.M.T. massage certification for eight years, come May 2017.  One month later, in June, I will be celebrating my second anniversary at ChargeItPro, a local credit card processing company.  In many ways, these two occupations are worlds apart – one is the constant business of selling and servicing merchants’ credit card processing services, and one is spending an hour with someone who is seeing you for relaxation or injuries.  Very opposite ends of the spectrum.  However, there are many ways that the skill set used with clients can be transferred to working with merchants, and vice-versa. 

Ethics and Values 

In both occupations, dealing with your merchants or clients must be done in an ethical manner if you want to maintain a long-term business buying relationship.  Never having been exposed to the credit card industry before, I was amazed to learn how so many processing companies ‘sell’ their services to a merchant without explaining their rates and fees up front.  When I was working as an Account Manager, I would see savings for 95% of the merchants who would allow me to perform rate comparisons on their existing company and ours.  Most of these merchants had no idea what they were being charged and had just gone with their current company because someone walked in the door and ‘sold’ them.  At ChargeItPro, our motto is ‘Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking’, and it is a motto we all live by.

In my massage practice, I am constantly meeting people who will tell me that their last therapist would not listen to what they needed, and they would end up in pain for several days after the massage, or, that the therapist would cut their time short if they were running late between appointments.  I always take detailed online intake before any new client’s first appointment, and go over it with them when they come into the office.  I also try to instill in my client’s that massage therapy is a two-way communication, and if my pressure is too little or too much, or they are in pain, to let me know, as it is ‘your body, your time and your money’.  I must abide by HIPPA, and it is important to me to make certain that my client’s feel their voice is heard in their healthcare.

Merchant/Client History

In both fields, it is imperative to find out the history of the merchant/client to find out what works for them, and what does not, and how have they tried to solve their problem or issue?  Listening to what they have done in the past and how they tried to solve the problem gives me great insight and knowledge in knowing which way to move forward, as well as allows me to build a good working relationship.  Working with technology and providing massage therapy are similar in the fact that they both have working pieces that must be understood to create the whole picture, thus providing the best possible solution.  If what the merchant or client was doing in the past hasn’t provided great results, there is no reason to try the same thing in the future.

Affordable/Competitive Rates

Offering affordable rates that are still competitive is always a challenge in business.  One of the most important ‘offerings’ that ChargeItPro has is doing a ‘competitive rate analysis’ with a merchant’s current processor.  Again, over 95% of the time, CIP not only comes in with a competitive rate, but CIP also works only with (pricing), as opposed to tiered pricing, which generally saves money along with educating the merchant about what the current charges they have truly are.  With my practice, I have done a competitive rate analysis between the larger massage companies such as Massage Envy and Elements, as well as independents in the area, and came up with a plan that is affordable so that the client can come back and truly enjoy the benefits of regular massage therapy.

Excellent Customer Service

Everything truly always comes down to this, doesn’t it?  If a merchant or client has a problem, getting excellent customer service will always bring them back.  At ChargeItPro, we have live technical support 24/7/365, and we even have live receptionists taking your calls, which is my position now.  I am always impressed by the way the management at ChargeItPro focuses on listening to our merchant’s needs and doing our best to meet them.

In my practice, I strive to insure excellent customer service by offering online booking, making certain that my clients receive the entire time they paid for (even if I am running late) and offering monthly specials.

In massage therapy, we learn to diagnose a body’s symptoms to find out what the cause of the pain is.  In credit card processing, we are often diagnosing issues with how software is interacting with a terminal to resolve processing issues.  Both take an analytical mind to be able to piece everything together.


As always, the goal with both credit card processing and massage therapy is to insure the merchant/client has the best possible experience with my service.




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