‘R’ You Ready to ‘Re-Cycle’ Your Life?


Gifts are now all unwrapped, toys are in use, the decorations are back in storage for another year, and the tree has gone to be chipped for mulch.  All that is left now is to start your New Year’s resolutions once again!

The greatest thing about New Year’s resolutions is that you have a chance to re-fuel what works for you in life, to re-ignite those things that you started but didn’t complete, had to put down, were interrupted, etc., but are still wanting to accomplish, and re-fuse ALL that you no longer desire.

During this time of the year, many of us decide that now that the Holidays are over, candy cane cookies, almond toffee, and Grandma’s fudge aren’t easily within reach, that it is time to start that exercise program and fulfill the annual resolution of losing weight and feeling better –





Some of us have gained weight because of a:

  • new baby
  • broken relationship
  • new relationship
  • loss of a loved one or a job
  • medical issues – injury
  • menopause
  • life

Apparently, this living stuff can be challenging, and many of us meet our life challenges by ‘eating our emotions’, or as some call it, stress-eating.

You’ve done it.  I’ve done it.  We ALL have done it.  Our society isn’t known for taking time to understand the turmoil that our life challenges can create, but to ‘stuff’ these situations with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc.  Facing life’s twists and turns can be extremely difficult to do, because we may have to take ownership of some of the chaos.

I certainly don’t buy into the belief system that you are not worthy if you are overweight, and I hope that you don’t, either.  That is a lie to your very existence. If by chance you are feeling this way, please learn to value yourself.  There is only one of you, which makes you quite unique!  “Learning to love yourself”, (as the late Whitney Houston sang) with all your broken parts and hurtful pieces, is one of the biggest lessons in this life.  I know it has been for my own personal journey.

Let’s get back to the three ‘R’s

  • Re-fuel – ‘to take on a fresh supply of fuel.’
  • Re-ignite – ‘to ignite or cause to ignite again’
  • Re-fuse – ‘to not be willing to accept or grant (something offered or requested).

Look back over this past year – review your goals that you previously made, and sort them into one of these three categories.

Did you complete the goal?  Once you achieved the goal you set, did it look exactly like you envisioned it would?

In November of 2016, I had just completed my first six months at the company I am currently employed at, and I felt comfortable enough to put more energy into my passion, my massage practice, ‘Body Blessings Massage & Aromatherapy’.  I had been working at JMZ Spa-lon, and have had this vision of offering free massage to participants in the Wyakin Warriors and donating 10% of my profit.

I thought that a good start to expand my practice would be to develop a relationship with one of the local health clubs, and since Idaho Athletic Club is close to JMZ, I figured this would be the most logical health club to approach. The State street location was very receptive, so I started bringing my massage chair to their Member Appreciation Days to offer free chair massage to the members, then I started creating a display for members with information on who I am and what I offer.  It was around the end of March/beginning of April before I started seeing results.  Around May, I decided to branch out to the Eagle location and they were equally supportive of my efforts.

By June, I had a presence in both locations.

In July of every year, the Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals (ABMP) association (ABMP) has a national event called ‘Every Body Deserves a Massage’, which is a week where massage therapists are asked to go out into their community and raise awareness about the benefits of massage as well as donate their time, talent and treasure to a worthy cause.  I chose to promote Wyakin Warriors, and went to both locations to offer free chair massage once again.

While I was there, the Clinic Director of Mountain Land Physical Therapy came out and started chatting with me about the possibility of leasing space from them.  By October 1st, I had opened my doors and started seeing clients.

Also, in June of 2016, I started seeing a few of the Wyakin participants monthly, which is always an honor, a privilege and a blessing for me.  However, it has taken me three years of pursuing my goal to get to this point.

I accomplished my goal for 2016, but prepared for it and pursued it starting in 2013.  It doesn’t look exactly like I envisioned, as I never expected to be asked to move my practice to Mountain Land Physical Therapy’s office, (much to my delight!)

For 2017, I am going to re-fuel my vision, by having a stronger social online media presence, building my clientele, getting further training, and hopefully by this June, I will be able to accommodate more Wyakins.

What dreams, goals, projects or visions are you working on that haven’t come into fruition yet?  Losing weight?  Become more tech savvy?  Taking up Salsa dancing?  Don’t give up, sometimes it is a matter of timing.  We all know that nothing is accomplished overnight.


What goals did you make last year that were interrupted for one reason or another?  Are there any that you would like to re-ignite? 

I was at what I considered a ‘good’ weight when I moved home four years ago.  Then I took a fall, had a concussion, and gained 20-25 pounds.  Not because of the fall, because I must have visited every single fast food restaurant that is contained within the Treasure Valley for about two months because I wasn’t dealing with what had happened.  I still haven’t lost weight, and now, more than ever, I want to stay ‘fit’ so that I am able to keep up with the physical demands of my business as it grows (thinking positive!).  I, too, am going to get ‘back on the wagon’ with my eating habits and exercise regime.  My father, who served as a Postmaster for Boise in the late 70’s, used to always say, “If you have your health, you have everything”.  This is certainly the truth.  We navigate life’s ups and downs better when we are feeling good, right?

This is a great time to join a health club, get a physical trainer, or take up a new fitness activity.  Don’t worry if you are on a limited budget, can’t find the time, or don’t like gyms.  There are other ways you can focus on your health:

  • Start walking, a half hour each day. If you can’t walk for 30 minutes, start with 10.
  • Start drinking more water and eliminate sugary sodas, drinks and juices.
  • Start eating more fresh vegetables and fruits than you normally do. Re-ignite


This is my favorite of the three ‘R’s.  Most people look at unfinished goals as ‘failures’.  What if you reframed that view and look at unfinished goals as possibly just not the right goal for you?  Or perhaps that goal that you were so passionate about last year just doesn’t interest you anymore – where is the failure in that?  There is none.

What goals did you set out for yourself last year?  Do you want to ‘re-ignite’ them, or just to simply ‘re-fuse’ them?

If you are on a journey to lose ‘a few friends that came to visit and refuse to leave’, as I like to refer to my extra poundage as, then what limiting beliefs are you holding on to that, if you were to re-fuse and release, may just help encourage those friends to pack up their bags and go visit someone else?!  I bet I can guess –

“I’m not pretty enough”

“I’m not handsome enough”

“I’m not skinny enough”

“I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…”


Break that record and do the work that helps you know this.  We all deal with these kinds of thoughts from time to time, and again, I believe it comes back to learning to love and accept yourself.

Now get ready to ‘Re-Fuel, Re-Ignite, and Re-Fuse’ your goals for 2017, and ‘Re-Cycle’ your life for yet another journey around the Sun and enjoy the ride!



“Has Your Body Been Blessed Lately?”

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